Twin Wheel Wheelbarrows

Single wheel wheelbarrows
2 Wheel wheelbarrows
Electric powered wheelbarrows
Alpha Aktive Extreme range

Wheelbarrows twin wheel

Small and large twin wheel wheelbarrows

T Handle wheelbarrow

Twin wheel barrow with "T" bar handle
This robust design affords strength and stability, "T" bar adjustable
handle it allows you to manoeuvre the heaviest loads

Garden wheelbarrow

Twin wheel wheelbarrow
Balanced twin wheeled garden barrow, polypropylene hod, and front tipping bars to help eject the load

Steel wheelbarrow

Very large steel wheelbarrow, skip waste barrow bin
Large steel wheelbarrow, with tipping bars for emptying.Ideal skip wheelbarrow or waste barrow for industrial refuse collection.

 2 wheel wheelbarrow

4092 150 litre big wheelbarrow galvanised steel pan
The 4092G wheelbarrow is a 2 wheel stable wheelbarrow with a massive 150 Litre capacity steel galvanised tray.

Large steel wheelbarrow

4095G large galvanised steel garden wheelbarrow
4095G barrow is  twin wheeled wheelbarrow with a vast 230 Litre capacity galvanised tray

Big wheelbarrow

large 2 wheel garden stable wheelbarrow
Minimise the effort required to move heavy and bulky loads by using this rugged 2 wheel big capacity wheelbarrow.

Wide profile wheels

large two wheel wheelbarrow
2 wheel wheelbarrow with wide profile tyres, ideal for farms & stables. Rugged large capacity barrow with galvanised frame.

Tipping wheelbarrow

large capacity tipping farm wheelbarrow
The EasyTip wheelbarrow is a innovative large capacity twin wheel barrow. The lever action makes easy emptying.

Wide wheel barrow

wide wheel turf care wheelbarrow
The EasyTip wide wheel wheelbarrow is a innovative large capacity barrow. The lever action makes easy emptying.

High volume barrow

300 litre poly wheelbarrow 9526
300 litre Large volume quality wheelbarrow with twin wheels, and all round tubular support.

Two wheel wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow for stable or garden
160 litre two wheel wheelbarrow, probably the finest wheelbarrow chassis ever conceived ...with ergonomics to die for.

Large wheelbarrows

large capacity barrow for stable garden or farm
200 litre large wheelbarrow. Some people just can’t get their barrows big enough, and the Samson is for them.

Convertible barrow

convertible barrow trailer for ride on mowers
Convertible wheelbarrow / trailer can be useful in any sized garden, but is more likely to be ideal in smaller gardens.

Pram handle barrow

henchman 290 barrow trailer convertible
The Henchman 290 twin wheel wheelbarrow Trailer suits medium to large gardens, estates and equestrian yards.

Galvanised wheelbarrow

4090G all steel 2 wheel barrow
Optimax garden wheelbarrow is a strong and stable wheelbarrow with a heavy duty 90 litre Galvanised tray.

3 wheel wheelbarrow

3 wheel wheelbarrow feed bin horses farm
With a 255 litres capacity, this three wheeler version is ideal for all kinds of transporting jobs

Large wheelbarrow

large two wheel wheelbarrow
Two wheel large capacity 400 litre wheelbarrow with galvanised frame and rust proof hopper.

Extra large barrows

Two wheel huge capacity 500 litre wheelbarrow with fully galvanised frame and rust proof plastic hopper.

4 wheel feed barrow

3 wheel wheelbarrow feed bin horses farm
four wheel large feed barrow with galvanised frame and rust proof hopper.