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Electric powered wheelbarrows
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Small and large garden wheelbarrows

Heavy duty wheelbarrow

Heavy duty galvanised frame made in the uk
Large 120 litre heavy duty wheelbarrow, hot dip galvanised frame. heavy duty wheel with roller bearing and plastic tray.

Garden wheelbarrows

Garden wheelbarrow galvanised frame
100 litre wheelbarrow for garden. Metal chassis, well braced plastic hopper,  4 ply block tyre Ideal garden farm or stable use.

Small wheelbarrows

Small wheelbarrow galvanised frame
Small garden wheelbarrows, easy to clean plastic tray, metal zinc plated chassis with tipping bar, for the smaller garden.

Builders wheelbarrow

SB450 sitebalzer builders site wheelbarrow
SiteBlazer 450 deep builders site  wheelbarrow with heavy duty steel sheeting welded to the chassis, no bolts to catch the shovel on.

Concrete wheelbarrow

SB750 siteblazer concrete wheelbarrow
SiteBlazer 750, Tray in ultra tough plastic shaped for pouring concrete. Super rigid main chassis in heavy-duty oval steel tubing.

Galvanised wheelbarrow

all galvanised wheelbarrow
90 litre heavy duty builders metal wheelbarrow, all galvanised chassis & tray. Takes the heat of ashes / hot tar, earth and grass.

Narrow wheelbarrow

Narrow steel wheelbarrow
108G 108GPF
Large 120 litre heavy duty builders metal wheelbarrow, narrow width steel galvanised hod and powder coated frame.

Large poly wheelbarrow

large capacity wheelbarrow for the garden
130 litre large wheelbarrow with polypropylene plastic hopper and galvanised chassis.

Large wheelbarrow

150 litre large capacity steel wheelbarrow
Large steel wheelbarrow with a 150 litre galvanised metal tray. It's ideal for agricultural, buiders, and equistrian use.

Wheelbarrow plastic

5000G haemmerlin lightweight wheelbarrow
5000GO 500GOPF
90 litre Lightweight  garden wheelbarrow with plastic polypropylene hod. Epoxy coated frame.

Garden wheelbarrow

Pick up haemmerlin plastic tray wheelbarrow
5200G 5200GPF
110 litre Pick Up garden wheelbarrow with plastic tray, cut out design to hold tools across the hod. No bolt heads inside hod to catch.

Site wheelbarrow

90 Litre site wheelbarrow
1041PN 1041PF
90 litre site wheelbarrow with epoxy coated steel pan and frame. Option of pneumatic wheel or puncture free.

Galvanised wheelbarrow

Steel galvanised wheelbarrow
4041G 4041GPF
90 litre site wheelbarrow with galvanised steel pan. Option of pneumatic wheel or puncture free.

Heavy duty wheelbarrow

heavy duty wheelbarrow
1048PN 1048PF
90 litre heavy duty wheelbarrow with extra thick epoxy coated steel pan. Option of puncture free wheel.