AB1 Powered Electric Wheelbarrow  

Product Information MODEL REF AB1

Electric wheelbarrow

This battery powered machine is ideal for moving loads over most terrain easily, efficiently and safely. The battery powered powerful electric motor with no direct emissions offers a range of up to 6 miles on one charge and will help take the strain for most gardeners and landscapers. The AB1 motorised electric battery powered Barrow has an assisted tipping mechanism to make discharging the load almost effortless.
motorised battery powered electric wheelbarrow
  • Carries loads up to 100kg.
  • 95 litre galvanised pan.
  • Powerful 250 watt motor.
  • Variable speed control with reverse.
  • Automatic parking brake.

  • Model Ref. Product Description Price *Carriage 
    PPAB1 AB1 Auto barrow electric wheelbarrow  830.00 OUT OF
    Front wheel
    Rear wheel
    solid rubber
    Model Ref L W H L W H Kg
    Kg Pneumatic Puncture proof
    PPAB1 1350 600 730
    100 50

    Motor Voltage: 24 volts DC
    Motor Output: 250 watts
    Transmission: Full differential and reduction gear box in oil, sealed for life
    Speed Control: Speed paddle for proportional speed control
    Reverse Gear: Half forward speed at the touch of a button, accompanied by warning beep tone.
    Batteries: 2 x 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries
    Capacity: 95 litre/100kg load pan with tip assist mechanism
    Parking Brake: Electronically controlled automatic parking brake.
    Wheels: Front 2 x 345mm x 95mm pneumatic Chevron tyres (tractor type). Solid rubber rear castor
    Chassis: Powder coated frame
    Pan: galvanised for maximum weather resistance
    Dimensions:Overall length 1350mm x width 600mm Height to top of load pan 730mm
    Height of handles 1m
    Net Weight: 50kg

    The British Built Autobarrow has been designed to offer the best all round performance for its size.
    Eco friendly
    Unlike petrol engines the eco friendly electric motor only runs when you need it so there is no wasted fuel or expense, and there are no direct emissions from this quiet animal friendly machine.
    Tip Assist Mechanism
    The carefully balanced load pan together with the help of a gas spring makes emptying very easy. No manual lifting of the barrow is required.
    Long Battery Life
    Efficient use of battery power gives the Autobarrow a rang eof up to 6 miles before a complete loss of power. Proven over smooth ground with a slight up and down incline with a 25kg load of cement.
    During periods of no power, or to facilitate loading the machine into a vehicle, the drive system has been equipped with a neutral lever. This will dis- engage the electric brake allowing the machine to be pushed freely.
    Small Footprint
    At only 600mm maximum width the Autobarrow will fit through a domestic door enabling operation and storage in confined spaces.