CTR800 Stair Climbing Sack Truck

Product Information MODEL REF CTR800

Stair climbing Sack Truck

Stair climbing sack trucks make moving heavy objects up stairs, steps and kerbs easy when compared with conventional hand trucks. It has a rolling 3 wheel assembly enabling the truck to traverse stairs, up or down.
The stair climber sack truck is ideal for removals, deliveries or any tasks moving heavy objects up or down stairs, steps or kerbs.
The large folding toe plate makes it perfect for moving larger items such as furniture or white goods.

  • Stair Climbing.
  • Extension folding toe.
  • Puncture proof wheels
  • Extention foot

  • stair climbing sack truck stair climbing sack truck with folding extended foot

    Model Ref. Product Description Price *Carriage 
    CTR800 Stair climbing sack truck 100.00 FREE
       Overall dimensions Toe plate
    wheel type
    Wheel type
    Model Ref H W D D W H Kg
    Kg Pneumatic Puncture proof
    CTR800 1260 500 n/a 160 500 n/a 250 18