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Speed ramps

Speed Ramps

Speed bumps and speed ramps are an integral part of any speed of traffic management scheme. Whether you require temporary control within construction sites or at events such as festivals, or more permanent fixtures for use in car parks, outside schools, on university campus, or private schools.

speed ramp 5 mph traffic calming

5 mph Speed Ramp

  • Comes with fixing bolts suitable for concrete and tarmac/ashpalt surfaces (select desired surface when ordering).
  • Effectively reduces vehicle speed to approx 5mph.
  • Central slot allows cables to run under ramp.
  • Cats eyesin mid sections only.
  • One of the best traffic calming measures.
  • 5 mph bundle includes 3 yellow and 3 black mid sections and 1 yellow and 1 black end. total length = 1900mm
Ref: SR31 0.00

speed ramp 5 mph traffic calming

10 mph Speed Ramp

  • Recycled rubber moulded sections
  • Complete with fixing bolts suitable for tarmac or concrete surfaces ( select desired surface when ordering
  • Effectively reduces vehicle speed to 10 mph approx.
  • Cats eyes mid section only, and tapered ends neatly complete run
  • SR35 has 2 yellow & 1 black mid section, & 1 yellow & 1 black end. Length = 1850mm
  • SR36 has 2 yellow & 2 black mid sections & 1 yellow & 1 black end. Length = 2350mm
Ref: SR35 0.00
Ref: SR36 0.00

Cable channel speed ramp 10 - 15 mph traffic calming

Cable Channel Speed Ramp

  • Can be bolted to ground for permanent installation
  • Speed reduction to 10 - 15 mph
  • 2 Cable channels 35mm wide x 25mm high
  • Cats eyes for night time safety
  • 1830mm long section simply drops into place
  • Product weight 25kg
Ref: CSR1830 0.00

Parking blocks

Parking Block

Controls position of parked vehicles ideal
for commercial buildings, showrooms etc

  • weatherproof moulded rubber
  • use individually or align in longer runs
  • weight 4.2kg
  • Fixing bolts for concrete or tarmac included
  • Size: 100 x 500 x 130mm  HxWxD
Ref: PB500 0.00

1650mm Parking block

1.65 Metre Parking Block

  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Fixings for tarmac and concrete included
  • High visibility yellow reflector to warn drivers
  • Ideal for car park applications
  • Acts as a last resort wheel stop at the end of a parking bay
  • Size: 1650 x 140 x 100mm  LxWxH
  • Weight 15kg
Ref: SK99025 0.00

Rubber kerb ramp

Kerb Ramps (pack of 2)

Eliminates awkward pavement access
  • Tought rubber moulding with carry handle
  • Use individuallyor link in line
  • Rise height of 100mm to suit most kerbs
  • Suits all weight of vehicle
  • weight 10kg
  • Pack of 2
Ref: KR100C 0.00

Plastic kerb ramp

Plastic Kerb Ramp

Provides a safe means for wheelchair, pushchair,
and cycle users to reach the next level

  • Complies and exceeds the wheelchair boarding ramp specification for safety at street works code of practice
  • Effective non-slip surface and raised sides for secure access
  • Adapts to varying kerb or step heights 60mm - 160mm
  • Maximum weight 250kg
  • 1255 x 747 x 112mm   LxWxH
Ref: SK7043 0.00

Speed table

Speed Table

  • Ideal for school zones, residential areas and entrances
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber
  • Red with reflective markings
  • Should be spaced 50-80 metres apart
  • Supplied with fixing kit and spare bolts
  • Corner sections weigh 38kg each, 65H x 750L x 900W
  • Inner sections weigh 42.5kg each, 65H x 750L x 900W
  • SKK1001  4 corner sections
  • SKK1002  4 corner sections, 2 inner sections
  • SKK1003  4 corner sections, 4 inner sections
Ref: SKK1001 0.00
Ref: SKK1002 0.00
Ref: SKK1003 0.00