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Security & Safety Mirrors

Quality range of security mirrors and safety mirrors, suitable for shops, depatment stores, factory, domestic drives and road junctions. Anywhere direct sight is obstructed for security and safety reasons, these security mirrors, safety mirrors, traffic mirrors are recommended.

Portable inspection mirrors

Portable Inspection Mirror

  • Aluminium handle extends from 508mm to 3048mm
  • 300mm diameter convex mirror
  • Equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment
  • Heavy duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects when manoeuvring
  • Tripod with ball bearing castor wheels allows full range of motion with effortless manoeuvring
Ref: CSKLTC30 0.00

Security mirrors

Security Mirrors

  • Vandal resistant, virtually unbreakable
  • Powder coated steel backing
  • 1.5mm thick polycarbonate mirror with grey PVC protective edge
  • Heavy duty zinc plated fixings included for 60mm post mounting
  • Simple and precise vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • CM45P 450mm diameter
  • CM60P 600mm diameter
Ref: CM45P 0.00
Ref: CM60P 0.00

corner mirrors

Hemispherical Mirrors

  • Acrylic moulding gives bright, sharp image
  • Full dome may also be suspended from higher ceilings
  • Half and quarter hemispheres for wall or corner mounting
  • CS065F Full dome 650mm diameter for ceilings
  • CS065H Half dome 650mm x 300mm for walls
  • CS045Q Quarter dome 450mm x 400mm for corners
Ref: CS065F 0.00
Ref: CS065H 0.00
Ref: CS065H 0.00

Blind spot mirrors

Blind Spot Mirror with hood

  • Totally weatherproof with high visibility orange housing
  • Superior optical quality
  • Prevents accidents, injuries, and thefts
  • Durable 1.5mm thick polycarbonate mirror
  • Heavy duty zinc plated fixings for 60mm post mounting
  • Simple and pricise vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • CME45P 450mm diameter
  • CME60P 600mm diameter
Ref: CME45P 0.00
Ref: CME60P 0.00

Traffic mirror

Traffic Mirrors

  • Durable GRP moulded housing
  • Red and white 3M reflective edging for day and night safety
  • 1.5mm polycarbonate mirror
  • Heavy duty zinc plated fixings for 60mm post mounting
  • CMT60P 600mm diameter
  • CMT80P 800mm diameter
Ref: CMT60P 0.00
Ref: CMT80P 0.00