Balanced flatbed trolley

Product Information MODEL REF BT9311 / 9321 / 9331

Balanced flatbed trolley

Balanced flatbed trolleys with plywood platform, with handles one end. Painted strong steel frame with 6mm anti wear pads on feet. Two 400 x 100mm 4 ply heavy duty block tread pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride. These balanced material handling trolleys are made for moving and handling of materials in golf, rugby, football clubs and industrial sites. Balanced flatbed trolleys in 3 sizes, 4, 5, or 6 foot beds.

Made in England
  • Handles one end
  • Heavy duty industrial frame
  • Block tread heavy duty tyres
  • Anti slip water proof plywood

  • Pram handle balanced trolley for warehouse

    Model Ref. Product Description Price *Carriage 
    BT9311 Balanced flatbed trolleys 4ft bed 366.00 FREE
    BT9321 Balanced flatbed trolleys 5ft bed  392.00 FREE
    BT9331 Balanced flatbed trolleys 6ft bed  437.00 FREE
    PPWLS PPWLS Puncture proof wheels x2  option 20.00
    Wheel type
    Wheel type
    Model Ref L W H L W H Kg
    Kg Pneumatic Puncture proof
    BT9311 1780 686 850 1220 686 500 38 OPTION
    BT9321 2080 762 850 1524 762 500 45 OPTION
    BT9331 2360 915 850 1829 915 500 62 OPTION