Flatbed Balanced Trolleys

Balanced Trolleys
Flatbed balanced trolleys
Balanced trolley + 2x sides
Balanced trolley + 4x sides
Balanced trolley hinged sides

Balanced Trolleys 2x hinged sides

Large balanced trolleys are made to transport heavy goods such as large garden pots, garden beding plants, large trees, compost bags, heavy concrete slabs. These robust strong balanced trolleys have 2 hinged removable sides and are built to last. These trolleys can have solid puncture proof wheels or pneumatic tyres for rougher ground.

Pram handle trolleys

Balanced trolley with hinged sides
Balanced trolley with hinged sides, trolleys for stable yard,  farm, & commercial use.
folding toe sack truck

Balanced trolley

Trolley with drop down hinged sides
Balanced trolley with wood base  ends & 2 hinged removable sides, for equestrian use.
folding toe sack truck

Trolley hinged sides

Balanced trolley with drop down removable sides
Balanced trolley with plywood base, ends and 2 hinged drop down sides.
stair climbing sack truck