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Wheelbarrows, Garden Carts & Trolleys

We  offer a range of high quality pedestrian controlled electric vehicles for business and private use. Garden & industrial equipment.Small and large wheelbarrows, with single or twin wheels, The Sherpa electric wheelbarrow is a new addition to our powered wheelbarrows. Industrial turntable trucks up to 3000kg capacity with options of flatbeds or high sides. We have many types of nursery trolleys and sacks trucks to choose from. Ride on mower trailers and accessories. Commercial factory equipment such as, order picking trolleys, caged trolleys, steps & stools, cycle racks and speed ramps.
Sherpa Electric Wheelbarrow
Sherpa electric wheelbarrow
Need a powered wheelbarrow 
Sherpa Garden Hand Truck
Garden hand truck Sherpa
Need a handy cart For the garden 
500 litre giant size
twin wheel barrow
Massive 500 litre wheelbarrow
Need a huge capacity wheelbarrow 
150 Litre large wheelbarrow
Large 150 litre wheelbarrow
Galvanised steel hopper
3 way convertible
sack truck
Convertible sack truck / trolley
Need a versatile
sack truck


wheelbarrows, one wheel and two wheel, and electric wheelbarrows
Wheelbarrows for garden & commercial use. Plastic or steel pans, pneumatic or puncture proof wheels. Battery powered electric wheelbarrows make light work of slopes and heavy loads.

Turntable trucks

Industrial turntable trucks available with slide in removable sides or hinged drop down sides. These commercial hand trucks can have a parking brake fitted also an option of puncture proof tyres.

Powered Electric Hand Trucks

Pedestrian controlled electric hand truck
Pedestrian controlled electric hand truck. These battery powered trucks can take loads up 500kg with large diameter 400mm ( 16" ) tyres they can handle smooth and rough ground conditions.

Balanced trolleys

Balanced trolleys for nurserys and garden centres
Balance trolleys for work, garden, farm, nursery and large estates. Base and sides made from water proof plywood, many sizes and configurations available with heavy duty wheels and tyres.

Sack trucks

Sack trucks, hand trucks & trolleys
Small compact sack trucks, heavy duty sack barrows with large pneumatic tyres for rough surfaces, puncture proof tyre options available. Lightweight aluminium sack trucks, with wide extension foot plate. P handle and  dual purpose trucks.

Ride on mower trailers

Ride on mower trailers
Ranging from small to large these quality ride on mower trailers can come with deep plastic buckets or boarded trailers with drop down sides and ends. sizes to suit any garden tractor or compact tractor

Garden centre trolleys

garden centre trolleys
Garden centre trolleys, trolleys with mesh baskets or wood base and sides. These garden trolleys can have the wheels in the centre or offset in front. Pram handles both ends or 2 handles one end.

Ride on mower accessories

Ride on mower accessories
Ride on mower accessories, such as slitters and aerators for lawn care, spreaders, waterers, sprayers, sweepers and collectors for use behind ride on mowers and garden tractors.

Industrial equipment

industrial trucks and trolleys
Industrial trucks and trolleys such as order picking trolleys, caged trolleys, display trolleys, steeps and stools, safety barriers, speed ramps, safety steps, speed ramps and much more.

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